Himadri Madan Theiyā Arts


In this remote residency Himadri will be undertaking a period of R&D over several week with Gaby Albornoz, Karen Watts, Nandini Manjunath and Tharanga Wicramasinghe from Theiyā Arts.

From Himadri:

Through this residency, we aim to initiate the R&D phase for our new movement and choreography project rooted in creating awareness about climate change. This project is inspired by the ‘climate clock’ in New York, USA that illustrates the time remaining before climate change becomes irreversible. Drawing from the climate clock concept we want to use the ‘ticking clock’ as a key element and the central theme. Further, drawing from the representation of nature in Indian classical dance, we want to explore the evolution of the relationship between humankind and the environment through time.