Louise Ahl Skunk without k (R&D)


Skunk without k is an experimental solo opera performance, working with riddles and audio description as operatic and choreographic material. The riddles play with liminality, the power of transformation and embrace an ecological perspective in which they sometimes speak on behalf of other species, natural phenomena and inanimate parts of nature.

During this residency I will be working with artist Jo Hellier to develop libretto/audio description with consultation from access consultants Quiplash. I will also work with Sound artist Yas Clarke to develop music composition for the sung description.

I will be working with Scent Designer Clara Weale to create a scented fog as a material that morphs and changes during the piece, adding to the storytelling aspect of the audio description. 

The overarching concept of the piece is an exploration of the natural and unnatural - one could say artificial. In a world where the artificial gains a stronger presence, I would like to explore what the space between the natural and artificial world looks like in the bodily and vocal expression. How is climate breakdown presented on a micro-scale in the body? How does it sound? Do we need a new language to describe new intelligence? Can there be comfort in artificial presence? These are some questions that will be explored through movement, voice and text and manifest into the form of opera.

The project is a Tramway co-production, supported through The Work Room’s Residency programme and Dance Base. Supported by Creative Scotland and Jerwood Arts’ Live Work Fund.


Image credit: Louise Ahl using a painting by Ithell Colqhoun