Jim Manganello
Lucy Ireland Shotput - Untitled Discotheque Project


During the residency, Lucy, Jim and Helen McIntosh (of Shotput) will continue work on Untitled Discotheque Project with an ensemble including Jack Anderson, Tess Letham and Claire Willoughby. Our aim for the week is to go deeper into the themes, movement and design of the show, producing 3-4 very short films that will serve as a 'mood board' when we make the full performance. Other collaborators include filmographer Rob Jones and designer Anna Yates. 

An audience of teenagers enters a discotheque. Pop songs blasting. Bodies moving. Hormones raging. Then the slow song comes on. There's that suspension. That tension. And our show begins.

'Untitled Discotheque Project' is about the intersection between teenagers and sex. It's a raucous teenage disco where all desires are welcome: the good, the bad, and the twisted. This is not a cautionary tale. It's not a documentary. Nor is it an education. This is a show about lust not love.