Shona Cowie Shona Cowie/ Theatre Senza


Senza are an international collective of physical performers and are led by director and anthropologist Valentina Zagaria.

Since 2012 we have been working across Europe and in Tunisia embedding ourselves in communities to uncover, share and document the stories of those places through performance, film, academic and creative writing. We operate across English, French, Italian and Arabic depending on where and with whom we are working.

Our work took shape on the island of Lampedusa, Europe’s southernmost point, where we lived for a summer fusing ethnographic field research and physical performance to explore what life is like for people living and passing through this European frontier.

Many projects later and we are keen to work in our home communities, which brings us to Govanhill, the home of Senza member Shona Cowie. During our residency with the Workroom will explore Victoria Road  as one of the most politically scrutinised, diverse and transforming areas of the country.