sara gordon Sara Gordon


"Only art can again reactivate all of mans senses in the face of the exclusive diktat of was the only real revolutionary force’"

Joseph Beuys 


In this research and development project l will examine my current practices, experimenting with how they attune me for the creative process and how l will use them in the future with other artists/dancers while creating work. I am interested in how these practices can also be used to attune an audience before a performance and how best to synthesise the theatrical performance with a workshop experience. 

I am deeply interested in the creation of sacred or ritualistic spaces and transformative environments.

My research will include looking at the history of Hermeticism and the effect it had on the renaissance era and early theatrical performance. 

Practices l will be working with include meditation, breathwork, chanting, 5 rhythms movement meditation, Gurdjieffs sacred dances, creative visualisation ,sound healing, ritual magic and traditional astrology. 

I will explore the concept of celestial art and create on a micro scale an interactive astrological talisman.