romany dear Romany Dear


My current research is based around ideas of inter-species care as practice, exploring the frictions & fictions that may exist when exploring different ways to be in and out of touch with one another. I am interested in the relationship that care may - or could have to pleasure: exploring and understanding pleasure as living on a border - edge - and / or - as a neighbour to + with pain.

During this residency, I intend to keep company to and simultaneously be accompanied by the many layers, complexities, fragmentation and organic caos that is my dance practice.  I will follow my intuition, leaning into sensing, moving from the floor, resting and giving in, defying gravity & resisting verticality, falling and falling some more, shaking, sweating, connecting, vibrating & hydrating. I will give time to the creation and development of a fictional archetype or living species called “The Connector”, informed by my recent research around companionship planting  (specifically The Three Sisters) to investigate structural sustainability of trios.

Exploring support, relationality, co dependence and possibilities for symbiotic coexistence via body-based practices and constellations of threes . I will also dedicate time to my ongoing movement research for the piece “Sound bodies” - an ongoing collaboration between myself and a bell mask, between a dear friend of mine and our mutual material kinks, an encounter across Scotland and Colombia, a relationship between suede and copper, a dance of both pain and pleasure, silence and noise.

My performance and movement research is informed by my interests in ecofeminism, queer ecology, poly amorous love constellations, companionship and / or “keeping company”.