Colette Sadler Remote Residency - ARK 1


During her remote residency supported by The Work Room Colette will be developing choreography , text and video material for her latest choreographic work ARK 1.

ARK 1 is an immersive 360 degree video Installation and solo durational performance by Colette Sadler. Projections of hyper-real 3D environments surround the avatar and protagonist of this work, the female trans-human AI ARK 1. Due to an irreparable error it has become disconnected from its main network. Now locked in its internal hermetic reality, ARK1 attempts to make sense of the programme and the remnants of its inbuilt knowledge, preserving human spiritual and religious value systems within the virtual architecture of a simulated 3D environment.

ARK 1 extends a body of work by Sadler (Learning from the Future, 2017 , Temporary Store, 2019 and Re(searching) BODY A , 2020) that thematise the future of the human in relation to technology and artificial intelligence. This cycle of works uses Science Fiction narrative as a means to re-imagine the body as a futuristic biotech prototype. For these post-human bodies movement equals processing and choreography programming. Transgressing the boundaries between real/virtual, nature/artificial, DNA/code and body/corpse these hybrid prototypes expose the uncanny relationship between “living” and “dead” matter. These questions form the core concerns of the extended narrative of ARK1.
ARK I is made in collaboration with video artist Mikko Gaestel and performer Leah Marojevic.

ARK 1 is funded by Nationale Performance Netz Germany “Stepping Out” Fund with additional support from a Creative Scotland Sustainability award , Tanz Haus NRW, TWR Glasgow and SophienSaele Berlin.


Image: Re (searching) BODY A - IMAGE by Mikko Gaestel