Rachel Laird Unbind in Softness (working title)


During this residency Rachel Laird will be exploring a new solo work Unbind in Softness (working title). This work will incorporate movement, text and clay to explore softness and her experience of body dysmorphia. 

From Rachel:

"I have always related to softer qualities of movement and how there is so much strength and resilience in softness. Finding it in passion and in powerful movement as well as taking the time to settle. Extending and stretching the physical body as well as challenging it with rhythms and tempo. Using the voice in conjunction with the body and softening the throat open to give space for something new. The negativity associated with the word, idea and quality is frustrating but only makes me want to explore the positive impact it has on every single one of us.

With this idea of softness I want to dive into my own experience of body dysmorphia and what I have had to learn, unlearn and relearn about me and my body. Using movement, my passion for clay and dance theatre to find light, joy and humour." 


There will be a sharing of work in progress on Friday 17 February from 12noon to 1pm - email hello@theworkroom.org.uk to join.


Have more time? Let us know if you can stay on in The Work Room for 'In Conversation with Vania Gala' from 1.30pm, followed by performance of Gaia! And The Realm of Possibilities 3.45 – 4.15pm, part of CPP Into the New Festival at Tramway.