Paul Michael Henry


Lethe // Yomi

This is the first research phase for a new dance duo by work room member Paul Michael Henry and Yokko, New York based Japanese dancer and Actor’s Studio graduate. This residency marks the beginning of work on a collaboration several years in the making.

Lethe: The river of forgetfulness in the Ancient Greek underworld.

Yomi: The underworld itself in the Japanese Shinto tradition.

We’re both Butoh dancers separated by race, sex and geography. We share similar approaches to performance creation, frequently using myth and ritual as structuring devices and taking inspiration from classical culture (ancient Greek theatre, Japanese legend and folklore) in order to make contemporary experimental performance. We’ll spend our Work Room residency beginning a new work entitled Lethe // Yomi on the theme of the Afterlife, with the starting point of European and Japanese conceptions of death, ghosts and the beyond.