Nichelle Santagata


Nichelle Santagata’s residency will be an expression and expansion of her storytelling through the beautiful umbrellas of Hip Hop and Contemporary dance/movement while incorporating her written prose-poetry, spoken words, natural and technological sounds, music, video, photography, and additional arts. Nichelle’s artforms and non-forms are a way of speaking of personal lived experiences of mental and physical health/Disabilities-NeurodivergencesNeurodistinctions, healing, race, ethnicity, cultures, generational connections, home, travel, migration, and much more while connecting to wider world social, political, economic issues. Her Creations possess Thought and Praxis rooted within Black Indigenous Disability Neurodivergent-Neurodistinction Womanism Feminism Care Approaches, where ongoing learning and unlearning takes place. 

Nichelle’s residency will be an ongoing exploration and understanding of what it means to carve in and create safer environments for Black Women to be vulnerable and cared for mentally, emotionally, physically, Spiritually while being held with softness, ease, and respect in order to flourish in all ways and process a multitude of emotions and thoughts. Her arts further dive intounderstanding an ongoing resistance to multiple forced barriers pushing against Black Women 
possessing the right to move, rest, Create, Live, thrive safely and freely. Nichelle journeys through her arts with a focus on reclamation and Freedom for Black Women, while simultaneously interconnecting the fight for a collective Freedom for people across the globe.