Project X Carnival Odyssey


During their residency Mele Broomes and Ashanti Harris will be developing Carnival Odyssey - a new dance work for young audiences, celebrating Caribbean Carnival.  

Carnival is a time when you can be anyone -from a mighty warrior to a mythical butter-fly, or even a cunning trickster! Travelling across time, and lands far and wide, this tale of Carnival is a celebration of Caribbean heritage and identity asking who are we? What is our history? And how do we move through the world? 

Written by Ashanti Harris and directed by Mele Broomes. With Broomes’ signature direction of striking audio and visuals which plays with the extremities of physicality, and Harris’ research into masquerades and carnival traditions, Carnival Odyssey is a new dance work for young audiences that features remixed soundscapes and sculptural costumes. 

There will be a work in progress presented at Imaginate's Children's Festival on 29th May 2020.