Marc Brew


Marc Brew Company are back in the studio developing BREW BAND ahead of their UK tour. Award-winning disabled choreographer Marc Brew takes to the road again this spring with BREWBAND, Scotland’s new super band with a production that blurs boundaries and challenges perceptions of identity. Created by Marc Brew, this inclusive music and dance performance brings together top Scottish rock artists Graeme Smillie (Unwinding Hours, The Vaselines, Emma Pollock,(A Mote Of Dust), Jill O’Sullivan (BDY_PRTS, Sparrow And The Workshop), Peter Kelly (Galchen/The Kills/ Jonnie Common) with talented dancers Martyn Garside (San Francisco Ballet, Goteborg Dance Company), Marta Masiero (Scottish Dance Theatre, Van Huynh Company, Caroline Bowditch) and Alice Sheppard (Axis Dance Company).

Collaborators: Graeme Smillie, Emma Pollock, Jill O’Sullivan, Peter Kelly, Martyn Garside, Marta Masiero, and Alice Sheppard.