Malcolm Sutherland Malcolm Sutherland @ Scottish Dance Theatre


The piece represents this search for 'wholeness' as human beings, something which is increasingly difficult to achieve in a technologically driven society.  We have never been more 'connected' with each other, constantly bombarded with images, communication and an easy way to pass the time, but have we forgotten how to connect with ourselves?  We are constantly distracted, never alone, how can we achieve this solitude or 'wholeness' if we never allow ourselves to be in touch with our human nature? 

"Loneliness is like sitting in an empty room and being aware of the space around you, It is a condition of separateness.  Solitude is about becoming one with the space around you, it is a condition of union.  Loneliness is small, solitude is large.  Loneliness closes in around you; solitude expands towards the infinite.  Loneliness has its roots in words, in an internal conversation that nobody answers; solitude has its roots in the great silence of eternity."  Kent Nerburn

Malcolm will hold a sharing of work in progress from 6pm at Scottish Dance Theatre.