Laura Bradshaw Laura Bradshaw- Artist Research Bursary


Laura Bradshaw is undertaking a remote research process supported by an Artist Research Bursary

Her research will take place between September and November 2021.


Laura says: "I am really pleased to be in receipt of an Artist Research Bursary from The Work Room. As a parent with caring responsibilities this bursary will allow me to undertake a process of research structured around family life.


The aim of this research would be to lay the foundations to create a score to be danced by someone who has experienced miscarriage, pregnancy loss or stillbirth. My ideal goal for this work would be to create a space for people to dance together. However, considering the current context I will also consider how it might work more remotely or at a distance.  This research is a continuation of two previous residencies with TWR and I will be continuing my collaboration with movement director and social dance specialist Rachel Drazek.


Building on my past work creating spaces for dancing in different contexts I feel I can put the learning from these projects into use for this project. Not least is the understanding of how moving and dancing together can allow understanding and resonance to emerge between people without verbal conversation- although I find that conversation often follows. I understand that there are some ethical considerations around this subject matter both for myself and potential participants and I feel this period of research would allow me time and space to be considerate of these factors."


The Artist Research Bursaries are a programme of support introduced by The Work Room in response to the ongoing and precarious position of freelance dance artists during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly artist members who are facing new or heightened barriers to accessing a studio practice. The bursary awards support members with flexible, remote research time to sustain and deepen their artistic practice in these uncertain times. The support is offered without a required outcome although The Work Room will support members to share or disseminate research where appropriate.