KJ Clarke-Davis KJ Clarke-Davis - Artist Research Bursary


KJ Clarke-Davis is undertaking a remote research process supported by an Artist Research Bursary

KJ's research will take place between October 2021 and December 2021.


KJ says:

"I am interested in researching if and how a ‘condition’ called Aphantasia impacts the life of a dance artist. Aphantasia can best be described as image free thinking. People who have the condition are unable to voluntarily mentally visualise, and depending on where they are on the spectrum, also may not be able to re-call sounds, the sensation of touch, or face-recognition.

As a dance artist I often found myself struggling to connect with creative tasks, particularly ones that are based on imagery, and I didn’t know why until I heard about Aphantasia. I discovered that although I cannot, most people can and do use visualisation as a tool for learning and creativity, especially people that are involved in the arts. I will use this research bursary to explore the ways that Aphantasia may be having an impact on my creative practice, and maybe more importantly, to begin exploring potential ways of working that are specifically beneficial to image free thinkers and movers."


The Artist Research Bursaries are a programme of support introduced by The Work Room in response to the ongoing and precarious position of freelance dance artists during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly artist members who are facing new or heightened barriers to accessing a studio practice. The bursary awards support members with flexible, remote research time to sustain and deepen their artistic practice in these uncertain times. The support is offered without a required outcome although The Work Room will support members to share or disseminate research where appropriate.

With thanks to Project X, for their nomination of KJ as an Artist Research Bursary recipient, 2021-2022.