Katie Armstrong


SKETCHES are a series of 3 movement vignettes set to and inspired by Bachs Violin Concerto in A Minor.  Katie has partnered with Puppet Animation Scotland, to redevelop the existing work with live strings from Cairn Strings, and DJ, composer and improviser Mariam Rezaei.  During her two week residency with The Work Room Katie will work with the musicians and three dance artists (Lucy Ireland Katie Miller and Olivia Roach) to create an audible and physical response to the concerto which will form a "fourth movement".   The work will be premiered at Manipulate Visual Theatre Festival in February 2020 at Summerhall.  Supported through Creative Scotland and Puppet Animation Scotland. 



Dance Artists - Katie Miller, Lucy Ireland, Olivia Roach

Cairn Strings led by Annemarie Mcgahon

DJ/Composer/Improvisor - Mariam Rezaei


Support: Creative Scotland, Puppet Animation Scotland, The Work Room, Surge.