Kathryn Spence


There is a woman: mid 30’s, greasy hair, black t-shirt and her favourite grey tracksuit bottoms. There are toys everywhere and you can just tell that the floor underneath needs a hoover. She sits down, rubs her eyes, and begins to write a to-do list. Spotify’s ‘Greatest love songs’ playlist is on, and before she knows it, she is dancing. The lyrics take her to a bar, a Friday night cocktail imagined through drinking out of a sippy cup from yesterday. The toys act as props as she balances them, balancing the joy of the moment to herself, dancing, yes dancing, with the thoughts of everything else she should be doing that is not this. 

This dance will be a dance to symbolise our never-ending to-do lists and the things that bring us joy that we do instead. 

It’s a dance that is in inspired by parenthood, my beautiful children, and a moment to myself which was of course surrounded by thoughts and physical representations of them.