Jennifer Paterson Jennifer Paterson @Platform


Jen will be in residency @ Platform to research and develop a new work 'Heroes' in collaboration with Tony Mills. Heroes is an aerial dance duet that takes a look at who our idols are. The cult of celebrity and the fall from grace, the hidden heroes and who do we really, actually look up to? Heroes will mix dance theatre with aerial skills and circus, asking profound questions with humour and a touch of the light hearted. The concept has grown from the success of dance theatre duet Sprawl and will build on the creative partnership of Jen and Tony Mills of Room 2 Manouevre. Way back in 2011 we did a residency in Dance Base initially exploring these ideas with Natasha Gilmore. Its now time to unlock all our ideas and start playing again. Jen will focus on working with Beverley Grant during the week, bringing aerial and circus into the mix, as well as rediscovering who our heroes are.