Jennifer Paterson Jen Paterson


‘Life was never better on a swing, the higher the better!’

Jen Paterson will be spending the time with Nic Green researching and developing for a new piece that has been commissioned for Imaginate's Family Day and the Merchant City Festival. The concept is to create an aerial / dance / physical performance around a set of swings and then have the swings open to the public to swing, sit, enjoy.

Swings are so integral to your childhood. They are in almost every park. If you’re lucky you have one in your garden. Or a rope swing on a tree. The feeling of being on a swing never leaves you and the excitement of building it up higher and higher. The air rushing past your face. The laughing. Will you jump off? How high can you go? Its a great way to share :me and space with all ages together.

There will be a sharing of work in progress at 4pm Friday 31 Jan in The Work Room studio please email if you would like to attend. As this work is aimed at families please do feel free to bring children of all ages along.