Jack Webb


79 Spaces will be a new intergenerational work for four women between the ages of 20 and 70 years old/young. ​79 is a rough average of the age that humans will live to be. Working with this sense of time as a guide for a new work, Jack will develop ideas, choreography and movement methodologies and choreographic strategies that explore life in the in between spaces, the value of time, how much time we have left, how much we've wasted and as we grow older how our sense of time changes. This research is part of and informed by Jack's current body of work exploring choreographic strategies that bring people together, paying close attention to the importance of support networks, community, connection, disconnection, isolation, loneliness, care of oneself and others and the never ending search for shared connection and its transformative effects.

There will be a sharing of work in progress at 4pm on Friday the 1st of June - please RSVP to sara@theworkroom.org.uk