Hamshya Rajkumar Hamshya Rajkumar - Artist Research Bursary

11:42 on 05.09.21

Hamshya Rajkumar is undertaking a remote research process supported by an Artist Research Bursary.

Her research activity will take place between August and December 2021.


Hamshya says: "Our perception of Land;scapes are often tame and romanticised, with a growing awareness of the wild. Post-industrial Land:scapes (Wastelands) are the ugly, traumatic reality we as a human species tend to omit from our perception of Land:scapes. Post-industrial Land:scapes almost reveal the complexity of persistent violence and resilience which thrive in the current age of the anthropocene. Their presence is soaring. And their ties in human history is complex.  

I intend on using the Artist Research Bursary to bring mover(s) to Ravenscraig and share our practices with each other. Studios have been central meeting places in cities for practice exchange but this has been unavailable to me. An emphasis of my practice is based on a multispecies social body; I want to challenge this and explore the human perspective thoroughly. As this is a site of industry, I am interested in working with POC movers who will move and share a trauma with this site. This will widen a narrative and create a collective shared choreography."


The Artist Research Bursaries are a programme of support introduced by The Work Room in response to the ongoing and precarious position of freelance dance artists during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly artist members who are facing new or heightened barriers to accessing a studio practice. The bursary awards support members with flexible, remote research time to sustain and deepen their artistic practice in these uncertain times. The support is offered without a required outcome although The Work Room will support members to share or disseminate research where appropriate.

This research bursary is made possible with support by Jerwood Arts Commissioning for the Future Fund. Jerwood Arts black and white text logo