Ashanti Harris
Ju Scott GODS


Glasgow Open Dance School provides a space where people can learn, teach and partake in movement related workshops for free. For G.O.D.S' movement begins with the body, to de intellectualise by listening acutely to the body; the collective body and your (my) individual body. (YES)

Following feeling rather than style or technique and attempting to move from the gut, we learn together. Allowing our instinct to be our nose, leading us towards what is attractive to us and away from what is not. It is integral that GODS is physical and holistic; valuing shared learning and collective movement above individual excellence. We (you) move as a group in continual process without pressure to ever perform or finalise. (YES)

Everyone (you) is equally welcome to contribute to the content of the workshops. All forms of movement and methods of teaching are encouraged. G.O.D.S is a non fixed group with an intentionally non thematic style. Our intention is to move. (YES)

Get down and get the body of a GOD!