Gail Sneddon


I am at the beginning of embarking on the research for a new work called GODDESS. The piece was inspired by Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party. The Dinner Party comprises of a massive ceremonial banquet, arranged on a triangular table with a total of thirty-nine place settings, each commemorating an important woman from history.

 Wing One of the table begins in prehistory with the Primordial Goddess and continues chronologically with the development of Judaism, it then moves to early Greek societies, to the Roman Empire, marking the decline in women’s power, signified by Hypatia’s place setting. It is this period I am most interested in and the Goddesses and dances from that time. In particular, sacred dance, circle dance and women’s ritual dance. Drawing from the formations, patterns, spirals, musicality and spiritual dimensions of these choreographies, I want to explore how these elements and essences can be represented within a contemporary choreographic context and how an audience member might experience them when represented differently