Gail Sneddon


During my week in the work room, I will continue my research for a new work called GODDESS. The piece was initially inspired by Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party. Regarded widely as the first epic feminist artwork, Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party commemorates important women throughout history. Beginning in pre-patriarchal societies and continuing chronologically until the decline in women’s power, 39 historic female figures sit at elaborate place settings around a triangular table.

Dance played a key role in these pre-patriarchal societies and it is the power of early sacred and ritual dances that will be explored during this residency. The time will be used, in part, to investigate how the raw, dramatic, haunting and often trance-like energy of these early dance formations can be harnessed and presented in a contemporary choreographic context. This residency is supported by Dance North and will be in collaboration with choreographer Athina Vahla and has been informed by workshops and conversations with Laura Shannon, a pioneer in women’s traditional and ritual dance.