Fran Till Francesca Till - Artist Research Bursary


Francesca Till is undertaking a remote research process supported by an Artist Research Bursary.

Her research will take place between August and September 2021.

This bursary will allow Francesca a time window to focus on the development of her personal dance practice with the aim of consolidating it, then sharing and developing it further through the presence of other participants, researching and evolving together and learning from each other.

The practice to be developed is understanding how to tune into the body, how to prepare and feel ready and available to face any type of creative process. Key words in the process are improvisation, research and novelty without any expectations. This development will be very personal to Francesca, but will provide a guide that can be adapted to anybody and any body. The second part of the research will transfer this practice to a variety of outdoor environments, natural and man-made. By means of her set practice, Francesca will be researching the senses and their relation to an environment, the stimulation of creativity and curiosity, how to remain in the moment and synchronise with the surroundings, using them to push one’s movement boundaries.


The Artist Research Bursaries are a programme of support introduced by The Work Room in response to the ongoing and precarious position of freelance dance artists during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly artist members who are facing new or heightened barriers to accessing a studio practice. The bursary awards support members with flexible, remote research time to sustain and deepen their artistic practice in these uncertain times. The support is offered without a required outcome although The Work Room will support members to share or disseminate research where appropriate.


This research bursary is made possible with support from Jerwood Arts Commissioning for the Future Fund. Jerwood Arts black and white text logo