Esther Binu Development of bharatanatyam choreography


Choreographing, developing and exploring  Tala system (Rhythm and Beat) involving traditional Indian classical Dance –“Bharatanatyam”, which is an ancient dance form with an extensive vocabulary of beautiful hand gestures, facial expressions and intricate graceful dance movements.

Esther will be using the space at  The work Room to elaborate and expand the different types of “Talams” (Beat).  For the first few days Esther will be researching on her own project,  where she will be exploring more ideas and developing her knowledge with the  support of her Guru Smt. Niruththa Tharmakulendran and at the end of the residency,  concept will be  shared  to students of Abhinaya to explores and to learn the symbiotic relation of music and dance. 

If any Work Room members are interested in geting involved  with Esther's project, please contact who will put you in touch.