Alex McCabe Dementia Friendly Choreographic Research Project


Work Room member and choreographer Alex McCabe has been in residency 29 Aug - 10 Sep with collaborators Riccardo Olivier (dance artist), Dave House (composer) and with the regular assistance of dancer Norman Douglas, researching under the working title of GOiNG. 

Together they have investigated the spacial as opposed to chronological organisation of events as a poetic framework for the representation of fundamentally narrative/dramatic data. GIF photography, sampling and instant composition have informed the two-week research process. Local dancers, at various stages of life and training, have been invited throughout the process to participate in research workshops, including workshops geared specifically towards sharing practices with participants living with dementia. 

 An open sharing will take place in The Work Room at 17:00 on Saturday 9 Sep.

 Please RSVP to is you wish to attend.

Image Andi Bancic