David West Individuals & Intimacies


David West and Alexandra Tsiapi will be collaborating together for the first time, to explore the subject of intimacy and its definition. By examining the non romantic/sexual perspective of intimacy, they wish to shift awareness away from the stereotyped image and explore the different ways it can be enacted as part of the human experience. 

David is a choreographer & producer as well as being artistic director of EQ Dance Co. His choreographic style is dance theatre based using both contemporary, and street dance movement vocabulary. He creates work mainly focused on mental health topics, and different subjects that affect the human psyche. 

Alexandra Tsiapi is a dance artist specialised in performance and choreography. Alexandra utilises voice, movement and characterisation in her work while her practise is rooted in improvisation. 

Their intention is to explore the concept of intimacy through communication and different mediums such as touch, sight and scent. They plan to utilise props and voice as tools as well as improvisational tasks and exercises in order to to develop and enhance their empathy and awareness of each other. Their ultimate aim is to create a live intimate, sensory and visual experience to connect/ reconnect people to each other.


Watch Individuals & Intimancies digital sharing filmed at GTAC

Available to watch until 30 June 2022


Left Image: David by Stephan Alexander & Alexandra Tsiapi by Dafne Michalaki