Colette Sadler


During her residency at TWR  Colette has been developing movement material for the third episode her new work ORACLE LEAVES. ORACLE LEAVES sets out to radically expand the Classical Greek mythology of Daphne and Apollo through a series of portraits in motion. These portraits of Daphne, each performed by different dancers, are an attempt to rewrite human and nonhuman entanglements, agency, multiplicity, and alternative continuations into the story of transformation.

Conceived as a dance concert in 6 episodes, in ORACLE LEAVES Daphne’s transformation to tree is re-envisioned as a powerful rejection of ownership and an embrace of profound new ways of being. In these episodes, the dances are drawn from hybridising human and non-human systems, sprouting an elaborate undergrowth of wild choreographic networks informed by Mycorrhizal networks and tree intelligences