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Ronni Toppe is an International Healing Dance Artist. As a young woman her life was a mess until one day she surrendered her life to Dance and became a Dance Artist, beginning a journey that radically turned her life around and set her free from fear, anxiety, headaches and indigestion. Despite this, Ronni sometimes struggled to believe in the healing nature of Dance.

In her early journeys as a Dance Artist, reaching out to touch hearts, Ronni realised that the true power of Dance had become lost, that people confused it with “entertainment”. From a burning desire to see things change, Ronni did an improvised Dance for 10 straight days and cried out for Dance to reveal its power to these people.

It wasn’t long before Dance began to create dramatic change: people were healed of minor, temporary illnesses, traffic was lighter, even pets behaved better. The local people (and even Ronni herself), were astounded by the change that Dance created around them.

Through Dance, people have been healed of every conceivable type of ailment - physically, emotionally, mentally and politically.

Ronni is trained in Contemporary Dance, but her practice is non-denominational. Dance is here to heal people, even if they just do “zumba” or “street dance”.


Thursday 16th August 2018 - 4pm - The Work Room Ministries - Tramway, Glasgow