Alexandra Tsiapi becoming a tree | R&D


A continuation of Alex's research on the association between nature and women, through folklore, mythology, and cultural association with trees. The aim of this project is to explore the diverse ways in which trees contribute to our lives, the interconnectedness of human and nature, and the intersection of folklore, somatic practises and ecofeminism. Through this residency, Alex will be also continuing this research on their ecosomatic storytelling practise, which incorporates voice, improvisational movement, somatic practises and storytelling.


As part of this research Alex is wishes to engage during a Social Cafe & Outdoor Practice, see invitations from Alex:

What: Social Cafe

When: Wednesday 22nd | 11am to 12.30pm

Where: TWR Green Room

Inviting members of TWR to come for a conversation and sharing of stories, memories and songs connected or inspired from nature, over refreshments and snacks. In my research I draw inspiration from folk tales and how traditions are passed down and spread through these types of gatherings. I want to learn folk tales and stories native to Scotland, the UK or any other part of the world that people would like to share. The same goes for traditional songs that are inspired by nature or creatures of the forests. I am interested to hear about remedies, cures and herbs that were passed down to us from our ancestors, or that we have come across in our adult lives. In turn, I will be sharing stories, folk-tales, myths and all of the above that I have found through my research.

Feel free to drop in and out, no need to stay for the full duration (but you are more than welcome to do if you wish) .


What: Outdoor Practice

When: Tuesday 28th May | 11am to 12.15pm

Where: meet at Hidden Gardens

An invitation to join an outdoor practise, which will be part guided walk and part exploration through movement improvisation. We will stroll around the Hidden Gardens* and learn about different trees, their folklore / mythology and characteristics. Taking inspiration from the surroundings and their stories, you will be invited to respond through movement, stillness, contemplation. I am interested in researching different models of presenting my work, and how I can facilitate hybrid performance ideas. Any feedback on this outdoor practice will be much appreciated.

In case of rainy weather, please bring waterproofs/umbrella , depending on the weather we might move the movement practise indoors.

*The Hidden Gardens is not a part of Tramway but good neighbours; they are a small registered charity, and Scotland’s first sanctuary gardens dedicated to peace.