Laura Bradshaw A Telling - The Solo 


A Telling - The Solo 

This week I am taking time to reflect on where the project is now, I have been working on A Telling slowly and intermittently over the last 4 years. Over this time it has taken the form of a collective circle dance with accompanying film and text piece, in collaboration with a team of other artists. The circle dance is intended to be danced by people have experienced loss in the context of pregnancy and birth and (if appropriate) their supporting people. I hope to begin offering this in different contexts in the near future. 

This residency I am arriving back in the studio by myself 10 years after my first experience of loss in the context of pregnancy, it’s a chance to (re)turn my attention back to my own changing, evolving, moving body. A body that has spent a decade grieving, shedding, birthing, nourishing and may not do so again. 

What does it mean to go alone? 
What does it mean to move on? 
What does it mean to carry (on)? 
What does it mean to invite it all? 

Maybe there’s a solo in here somewhere.