SWAM a workshop from Marikiscrycrycry

Arts Practice | Event: 28.11.2017

SWAM is a workshop that will implore investigations into dancing as a functional, purposeful, and radial tool for continuance and perpetuity. By dancing, dancing, dancing, sweating, sweating, sweating, we will find the essential pathways to move us through heightened political crises and its affects on the body. By working with femme energies as resistant tools, and Hip-Hop as a radical social proposition, we will find ulterior and subversive patterns of movement that will bring us into another world. Please come prepared to dance and bring trainers you can move with!


Marikiscrycrycry (b. 1992, New York) is the solo performance project and practice of London-based choreographer Malik Nashad Sharpe. Their work deals with ontologies and hegemonies around Blackness and Queerness while probing the political and emotional potentials of an expansive choreographic proposal. Utilising the radical suggestions within dance practice, their work creates ulterior conditions for movement that cycles through the topical experiences of alienation, racial ambivalences and melancholias, allostatic load, neoliberalism and its abusive imprint on the social body, violence, trauma, hope, and desire in order to create an essential freedom and renewable aesthetic possibilities. Their latest work $elfie$ has been commissioned by Fierce Festival, The Marlborough Theatre, and is generously supported by public funds from the Arts Council England, as well as Diverse Actions. Their has also taught at the University of Illinois, Gibney Dance Centre, CLOUD at Danslab, Otion Front Studio, Hackney Showroom, and recently led a DIY workshop with the support of the Live Art Development Agency and Steakhouse Live. 


The Workshop will take place in The Work Room Studio on Tuesday the 28 November from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, members please RSVP to sara@theworkroom.org.uk


This opportunity is presented in partnership with Buzzcut.  Marikiscrycrycry will be performing at Buzzcut's Double Thrills event at the CCA on 29 November. See link here for more information and booking.