Space Mix workshop with Karen Nelson

Arts Practice | Event: 28.06.2019—29.06.2019

Friday 28 – Saturday 29 June, 11 – 5pm

£60/ £30 for members of The Work Room

Uniting somatic techniques derived from Contact Improvisation (CI) with compositional choice making practices found in Tuning Scores, this workshop explores “inner” and “outer” spaces.

The practice combines two uniquely related systems: Material for the Spine (originated by Steve Paxton) that includes movement intertwining sensation and attention, distinguishing centers of mass, establishing length, and reflexive balance in space; and Tuning Scores (originated by Lisa Nelson), a dance practice that unveils sense desires as motivators, movement as collateral choreography, and space as palette and environment.

Class will include rigorous sensory warm-ups, physicalizing through CI, and playing with a cluster of scores to grow edges

All levels of experience welcome. 

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Karen Nelson is a dancer/ choreographer, performer, teacher and organizer. She continues to be a crossroad of dance improvisation in the US’ Pacific Northwest and abroad. A long-time mutator of the form Contact Improvisation (CI), she co-founded mixed-ability experiments Dance Ability and Diverse Dance Research Retreat while later joining Lisa Nelson/ Image Lab’s developing of Tuning Scores for performance. She explores dance history and currency that centers intersections of practitioner experience, and interrogates whiteness within her own embodiment and larger community, often collaborating with artists around the world. Her teaching approach brings classic origins of CI and Tuning through exercises, images, practice and discussion along with a view towards engendering individual possession and evolution of the forms through one’s own experience.


Presented in collaboration with The Glasgow Jam and in partnership with Independent Dance London , Tanzfabrik Berlin, and Groundwork Pro Cardiff.