Contact Improvisation Workshop with Jovair Longo

Event: 17.11.2018—18.11.2018


Saturday 17 Nov / Sunday 18 Nov 11am to 5pm 

£60 / £30 (TWR Members)

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Supported by The Work Room

Jovair’s contact improvisation teaching plays with combining improvisation with learned set movements. He encourages movement to be developed from the opening of spaces and support around the joints and the whole body in order to develop a soft responsive body. Paying attention to the senses leads to the awakening of the body’s imagination, which feeds into the uninterrupted flow of movement. Jovair works with different layers of perception to foster effective movement communication through physical contact. The detailed study of different aspects of partnering leads to the development of technique and skilful dancing. In Jovair’s work, the interpersonal experience of contact improvisation is considered a way of becoming aware of patterns that are beyond the physical. He facilitates learning in a focused and playful environment where both the personal and the collective feed into individual learning.


Jovair is originally from Brazil. He has been based in the UK since 1990 and last trained in The Netherlands, at the EDDC-Arnhem. As a dancer he has worked with Yollande Snaith Dancetheatre for several of its productions and has also worked with Earthfall Dance-Cardiff, Gaby Agis, Rosemary Lee and a few other companies, both from the UK and Europe.

He has developed his teaching alongside his performing work and has taught at different schools including the Laban Centre, Surrey University, London Metropolitan University and the Italian Conti Academy (London South Bank University).

He has been teaching Improvisation, Partnerwork and Composition at London Contemporary Dance School since 2003 and regularly teaches at Scottish Dance Theatre in Dundee as well as at Festival both in the UK and Europe.