Right: Vikram Iyengar Left: Lewis Hetherington
Right: Vikram Iyengar Left: Lewis Hetherington

Connecting with Kolkata

International | Event: 04.08.2019—04.08.2019

Sunday 4th August

11am - 6pm

 A day of workshops and discussions led by Vikram Iyengar, choreographer and founder of The Pickle Factory Dance Foundation. You are invited to come along for the full day or to individual elements.


The Invisible Pulse: navigating spaces in time

Practical workshop with Vikram Iyengar, 11 – 1pm

Any rhythm is a way of measuring, laying out and structuring time. And when we start layering that, it becomes about navigating the spaces within time structures in simple to complex ways. And when we bring that into dance, we begin to visualise both space and time through movement and stillness.

The Indian dance form of kathak roots itself in an understanding of cyclical time patterns. This workshop introduces the overlaying of rhythm both conceptually and technically through simple walking exercises, progressively complex footwork, and speaking of syllables – all elements inherent to the form of kathak.


Introducing the dance landscape of east / north-east India

Lunch and presentation by Vikram Iyengar, 1.30 – 3.30pm

The Pickle Factory Dance Foundation is a hub for the practice, discourse and presentation of dance and movement performance in Calcutta, India. Working both locally and internationally, their geographical focus is east and north-east India. The Work Room and Pickle Factory are in the early stages of imagining an artist exchange residency model between Scotland and this region in India. As a way of bringing Scotland-based artists into this conversation, this presentation by Vikram Iyengar gives an overview of the landscape of dance and movement practice in this richly diverse area that comprises more than ten states, innumerable cultures, and vastly different practitioners.



Early Explorations by Vikram Iyengar and Lewis Hetherington, 4-6pm

Over the many years they have known each other, dancer-choreographer Vikram Iyengar, and playwright Lewis Hetherington have had many long and passionate conversations about how text and movement might co-exist to create new forms of performance which feel experimental yet accessible, complex yet playful. Monuments is a proposed performance project that explores the possibilities of this interface, while simultaneously addressing larger questions about colonialism, empire, remembered and constructed histories, and the monuments that we build (or tear down) that determine so much of our lives and cultures.

Vikram and Lewis will share some early experiments around this creative process, which will also illustrate the organic artist-to-artist way in which the Pickle Factory and The Work Room would like the proposed exchanges between India and Scotland to develop.


To book please email sara@theworkroom.org.uk