Watch Now- Welcome to Our Space Webinar

By Laura Fisher / 28.08.20
Welcome to Our Space Eflyer

Watch The Work Room's webinar 'Welcome to Our Space' foregrounding the practices and approaches of disabled dance artists as part of The Time is Now by National Dance Network and One Dance UK

Welcome to Our Space

A webinar foregrounding the practices and approaches of disabled dance artists in the time of COVID-19 and beyond, hosted by The Work Room. Welcome to Our Space is the second event in The Time is Now; a new series of digital events that respond to sector development supported by One Dance UK and National Dance Network (NDN).

Featuring: Laura Dajao, Raquel Meseguer, Priya Mistry and Amy Rosa

On Thursday 13th August, The Work Room streamed the webinar 'Welcome to Our Space' on Facebook Live. The event has now been archived and is avaialble to watch in full below. The video is captioned in English and contains audio descriptions. 

Thank you to the fantastic panelists for their generous, engaging and transparent presentations and discussion and to all who tuned in to watch. 

In this time of COVID-19 and amid the rapid and urgent calls to rethink and restructure the arts sector; this webinar, foregrounds the experiences of disabled* dance artists who are often experts in a working practice characterised by isolation, renegotiated notions of productivity and rest and rapid adjustments.

‘Welcome to Our Space’, hosted by Laura Fisher on behalf of The Work Room, invites four UK based artists who identify as disabled and are working in dance, movement or choreography to present an insight into their work and practices. Laura Dajao (Lauraddances ), Raquel Meseguer (Unchartered Collective), Priya Mistry (whatsthebigmistry) and Amy Rosa  share individual presentations on their working practices, performance and art making followed by a collective discussion. Informed by each panellist’s experience and expertise working in the dance sector, the panel share their approaches to developing and sustaining practice and thoughts on how the sector can better support disabled dance artists moving forward.

Editing by Lucas Chih-Peng Kao

*The Work Room uses the social model of disability that recognises that some people experience disabling barriers. The use of ‘disabled people’ or ‘disabled artists’ is used by TWR, to refer to people who experience disabling barriers and identify as such and is inclusive of those who experience barriers due to sensory, physical, learning and/or cognitive impairments as well as those living with chronic illness, pain or mental health conditions and D/deaf people who identify as disabled.