The Work Room and Imaginate Residency

By Sara Johnstone, Julia McGhee on 22.05.17

The Work Room and Imaginate are collaborating in 2017 to support a choreographer to explore work for young audiences and undertake a period of practical researchtowards a new piece of work. Thank you to everyone who applied for this joint residency opportunity. Congratulations to Julia McGhee who was awadred the residency. 

In Julia's project Interactive Experiments she is collaborating with a play-scheme for learning disabled children and young people in Easter Ross, along with musician Quee MacArthur and film-maker Robbie Synge. Together they are researching and developing ideas towards making a new interactive performance. The essence of the project is play and experimentation, often involving props and musical instruments that help open doors to interactions between the group and initiate communciation that is not necessarily based on language but on movement, eye contact, sensitivity to the sounds and music we make - the essentials of being together. During their Imaginate residency at the Workroom, Julia, Robbie and Quee will work on developing the structure of the performance, gathering and reflecting on video and recorded music that have been produced in their workshops with their young collaborators, and establishing a first draft - or perhaps drafts - of the ‘Interactive Experiments’ performance.



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