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A collection of resources from STRE-TCH Lab 2022 Scotland

By Sara Johnstone on 19.08.22



In March 2022 The Work Room hosted STRE-TCH Creative Lab on behalf of the Keðja network of European dance organisations. The Lab brought together 11 established dance artists from across the network and was led by UK dance artists Janice Parker and Nadia Iftkhar.

The Lab centred around dance as community practice and created space for artists to reflect on the challenges, hopes, fears and motivations behind each of their practices. Together the group considered the sustainability of dance in the community both on an individual level, as a sector and more broadly in relation to the environment.

The STRE-TCH Lab was hosted at Wiston Lodge, a rural residential centre which allowed the group time to connect and practice together for five days. At the end of the week, the artists were joined by representatives from partner organisations for further discussions and opportunities to connect with the dance community in Scotland.

The Work Room has pulled together this collection of resources from the STRE-TCH Lab 2022 to share with members and community artists alike.


Watch a short film capturing part of the STRE-TCH Creative Lab 2022 here:

Filmed and edited by Tao-Anas Le Thanh



Artists put forward their own questions which became starting points for conversations and discussions in smaller groups.

Explore some of the questions in the slideshow below.

"How do we share our tacit knowledge?"

"How do we as artists take back the power?"



The artists hopes for the STRE-TCH Lab and for their individual practices.

"To always keep open and porous at the edges."

"We get comfortable with saying: I don't know."


Artists shared their fears and throughout the Lab these fears shifted.

"Things that feel far away continue to feel far away."

" That being a dance artist is becoming unsustainable."



Artists shared what they need to sustain themselves and their practice, and what underpins the work they do.

"Soft expectations"

"A sense of belonging"



Artists reflect on what they got from taking part in the Lab.


"Being in the practice of not having a set end goal."

"Ability to question without feeling outcast."




We asked partner organisations to share their hopes for the artists.

"That you are recognised as leaders."

"That you are given agency."



STRE-TCH Scotland 2022 artists & organisations ARTISTS

·       Agnese Bordjukova (LV)
·       Anna Koskela (FI)
·       Ásrún Magnúsdóttir (IS)
·       Aya Kobayashi (SC)
·       Eva Svaneblom (NO)
·       Greta GrinevičiÅ«tÄ— (LT)
·       Himadri Madan (SC)
·       Mette Møller Overgaard (DK)
·       Üüve-Lydia Toompere (EE)
·       Veera Suvalo Grimberg (SE)
·       Veronika Valdés (SL)



·       Bora Bora (DK)
·       Contemporary Dance Association (LT)
·       Dansverkstædid (IS)
·       Davvi - Centre for Performing Arts (NO)
·       Estonian Dance Art and Dance Education Union (EE)
·       Förvaltningen för Kulturutveckling (SE)
·       Latvian Dance Information Centre (LV)
·       PTL Dance Theater Ljubljana (SI)
·       Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland (FI)
·       The Work Room (SC)


STRE-TCH Creative Lab was co-facilitated by independent dance artists and choreographers Janice Parker and Nadia Iftkhar. Janice and Nadia were supported by Creative Lab Assistants Jenna Corker and Eoin McKenzie.

Keðja is an informal, international network of dance organisations. Together we aim to create open meeting places for those working in dance. Keðja facilitates events that gather individuals from dance communities to meet, share and learn together and empowers dance professionals to connect and collaborate.


This project was funded as part of the Connect & Collaborate programme by the British Council and Creative Scotland.


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