Merchant City Festival Residency

By Sara Johnstone, Aniela Marian Piasecka on 22.05.17

The Work Room and the Merchant City Festival are collaborating in 2017 to support a choreographer to explore making work for outdoors or public spaces and undertake a period of practical research towards a new piece of work. Thank to to all of those who applied. Congratualtions to member Aniela Marian Piasecka who was awarded the residency and will undertake a project with Stasis. Please see infor from Aneila on the project below:

‘The way we’re being criticized, policed, and generally called to account is unbelievable!’ Virginie Despentes, King Kong Theory

 Over the last year Stasis' work has been orientated towards demonstrating the capacity of the female form to take up space where it is usually prevented from manifesting itself, particularly through the making of a music video shot in the Barras area of Glasgow. During our residency at The Work Room we will continue to develop our ideas on the reclaiming of outside space via performance in order to act upon our instinct to reflect contemporary political necessities of courage, audacity, and provocation in our our work together. 

Photo Credit: Richard Phillips Kerr.

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