Meeting Points II - artists announced

with The Work Room & Tanzbüro Munich

By Anita Clark on 25.10.21

The international exchange project Meeting Points began in 2019 as a collaboration between Tanzbüro München and The Work Room. We are now embarking on the second edition of this exchange for independent choreographers from Scotland and Germany. 

This second edition in 2021/2022, Meeting Points II, will support four independent choreographers (2 from Munich and 2 from Scotland) to come together to share practice, research ideas and exchange working methods, outwith the pressure of production. Bridie Gane and David West are the selected artists from Scotland who will be joining Laura Saumweber and Quindell Orton from Munich.

Meeting Points will involve, two one-week research labs bringing together the artists in November 2021 in Munich (during the SPIELART festival) and in May 2022 in Glasgow.  There will be the opportunity for the artists to see work together, learn about the artform in each country and to build new networks. 

Through this project we are continuing the cooperative relationship between The Work Room and Tanzbüro München, as well as seeding creative collaborations between independent choreographers in Scotland and Germany.


Image: Bridie Gane (left) & David West


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