Introducing our Recent Dance Graduate’s for 2020/2021

By Sara Johnstone / 04.09.20
Lesley Howard

Leaving college and making your first moves into a dance career can be challenging at any time and this year will be even more complicated. Barrowland Ballet and The Work Room are active in nurturing a thriving and diverse ecology of dance in Scotland. Together, we are delighted to be able to support five recent dance graduates with the aim of supporting emerging dance artists make the transition from training and navigate the early stages of their careers in Scotland.

We’re thrilled to introduce our five Recent Dance Graduates for 2020/2021. Here is what they had to say about the programme and you can read more about each artist on ther member's profile:


Clark Wallace

"I am excited to work alongside The Work Room and Barrowland Ballet this year to continue learning and developing as not only an artist but as a student and an educator. I am looking forward to creating long lasting networks and connections with other artists, educators and students with similar passions and interests."


Catriona Roberston

"I was drawn to the programme for the opportunity to connect, be inspired and learn from artists who attain a vast amount of knowledge within the industry and those who are at a very similar experience as myself. To be recently graduated and be able to immerse myself within a company environment is an incredible chance to build further connections while continuing to learn and develop my artistic voice within a professional setting."


Taylor Han

"I wanted to be a part of the Recent Dance Graduate Programme with Barrowland Ballet and the Work Room because I want to immerse myself back into the dance community in Scotland after living and training in London. This programme allows me to be part of a peer group of artists working in Scotland which is so valuable, plus receive mentoring and have the opportunity to take class – its an amazing opportunity to receive support in developing myself and my skills as an artist newly based in Scotland."


Lesley Howard

"Transitioning into the professional world can be a little daunting especially for someone like myself who has ASD. Having a mentor and being supported by like-minded people will defiantly help ease that transition. I am super excited to be part of the graduate programme with a company whose work has largely inspired my own practice."


Rosie Mackley

“I’m very happy to be connecting with the wider ecology of dance within Scotland through this programme and to meet and learn from a number of people. I’m also excited to be connecting with other incredible artists on this progamme and face the challenges of being a recent graduate in these extra unusual and difficult times with the support of each other!”