Imaginate @ The Work Room 2019

By Imaginate on 22.03.19

Following a call out for an Imaginate at The Work Room residency for 2019, the standard was so high that two projects have been supported – Robbie Synge & Julie Cleves and Women Dancing.

Robbie Synge & Julie Cleves

"I am excited to work with close friend and long-term collaborator Julie Cleves along with Imaginate and The Work Room to test ideas around developing a group workshop with young people. Maybe. We will, at least, hold a number of workshops with young people to see what arises through playful invitation to physical cooperation and conversation with us and each other. This may be a stepping stone to a playful participatory event of some kind. Having never worked together with young people, and particularly in close physical contact, this residency week will be a genuinely fresh and daring period of research that allows our curiosity to meet with those of young people around difference and cooperation. Terrifying but timely and in with the best possible support we can imagine to do this.”

—Robbie Synge

Read more about Robbie Synge and Julie Cleves Imaginate at The Work Room residency on Imaginates website here.


Women Dancing

Women Dancing is a collaboration between Lou Brodie and Geraldine Heaney.
Lou and Geraldine love dancing. Lou and Geraldine are dancers.
Lou and Geraldine don't look like what some people assume dancers look like. Lou and Geraldine dance regardless and hope other people will too.

Women Dancing is full of fun. It grew out of our mutual love of dance. From learning dance routines as children, dance classes growing up, to feeling judged or excluded from ‘dance’ opportunities and discovering empowerment in having confidence in our own movement vocabulary.

 “We are so excited to have this time at The Work Room supported by Imaginate to explore how we can expand Women Dancing and its possibilities as a live experience” – Women Dancing

Read more about Women Dancing's Imaginate at The Work Room residency on Imaginate's website here.

We look forward to working with Imaginate again to support these projects in 2019.

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