Guidance for working in The Work Room Studio

updated July 2021

By Sara Johnstone on 23.04.21

Artist residencies have been able to restart in The Work Room studio since early April 2021. In conversation with Tramway we have been implementing new measures and procedures which are aimed at reducing the spread of COVID19 as we ease out of lockdown.

This page is an overview of what activity is able to go ahead within The Work Room studio and is designed to help members plan their studio time. We have included a link to our Risk Assessment and the resources that have informed these decisions. If you have a particular question about using the space please contact sara@the

These measures have been largely informed by:

Scottish Government Guidance for the Performing Arts & Venues

“Professionals working in the performing arts can use this guidance for training, rehearsal, recording, broadcast, pre-production, creative-learning related activities and performances without an audience, and to pursue these activities in theatres and concert halls with an audience if they are in a local authority area assigned a level that permits this.”

“Guidance is included both for when performing arts venues are open to the public for attendance at a live performance, and for when they are closed to the public but can be used for broadcasting, recording, and to rehearse or otherwise prepare for reopening. “

(updated 17 June 2021, this page will be updated with the latest version when available)

Guidance for working in The Work Room studio

Use of studio

The Work Room studio is a dedicated space for artistic residencies and we are therefore following the Scottish Government guidelines for training, rehearsals, pre-production and other activity related preparing for performance to inform our decision making on what activity can take place in the space. 

The Work Room studio will be available Tuesday to Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm. The studio will reamin closed Sunday & Monday. 

If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 then you should not come into the studio but get tested. At home lateral flow tests are now being available free to everyone in Scotland and you can order a pack here. We are not at this stage introducing compulsory testing before studio use. 


Members are asked to be mindful of travel restrictions to Glasgow for themselves and any collaborators during their residency. From Monday 26 April travel restrictions within the UK have been lifted however these are subject to regular review.


We have set our capacities to ensure distancing is possible by limiting the number of people able to access the premises or venue. It is based on the number of people that can reasonably follow physical distancing within the venue, taking into account total space, equipment as well as likely constraints (toilets and kitchen) and pinch points.

The Work Room Capacities

Main studio - 10

Green Room -  3

Kitchen & toilets - 1

Foyer – 2 (no meetings or activity please move through)

Please ensure these capacities are met in planning your schedule for the duration of your residency. Consider days when all the team need to be in and when numbers could be reduced. During your residency, please manage capacities in the shared spaces through communication and being mindful of those you are working with, for example if 3 people are already eating lunch in the Green Room please find another space to go to.

As The Work Room is considered a place of work for artists in residence there is no limits to the number of households within these capacities. Please also note capacities will not increase when artists are from the same household. 


We will work with members to host small in studio sharings with a maximum of 10 people in the studio including the creative team. Other options to share work digitally will also be encouraged. 

Face Coverings

The current guidelines state that face coverings are mandatory in performing arts venues, unless the person is exempt for health, disability or other reasons. Under the SG guidelines for performing arts face coverings are exempt for those performing or presenting or when a worker or volunteer is in an indoor part of their workplace, when:

(a) there is a partition between the person and other persons, or

(b) a distance of at least two metres is maintained between the person and other persons.

Therefore, face covering are not mandatory while in working in the studio and 2 meters distancing is being maintained. This applies to both performers and production / creative team. Face coverings must be worn when moving about the building or when distancing cannot be maintained. 

Physical Distancing 

You must maintain physical distancing in studio environment wherever possible. Where artists are not able to maintain physical distancing, mitigating actions should be put in place to reduce the risk of transmission.

Mitigating action available in the studio include:

  • Further increasing the frequency of hand washing and surface cleaning
  • Keeping the activity time involved as short as possible
  • Increasing ventilation in the studio, through sky light or back door.
  • Considering using back-to-back or side-to-side positioning (rather than face-to-face) whenever possible
  • Reducing the number of people each person has contact with by using ‘fixed teams, groups or partnering’ (so each person works with only a few others).

Moving around the building

  • Follow the one way system at all times, clearly marked by pink stickers on the floor
  • Maintain physical distancing at all times in the public and shared areas
  • Unless exempt a face covering should be worn in all public areas of the building  
  • Reduce movement around the building when possible
  • Other areas of the building such as the corridors, Café area, HIdden Gardens or foyers cannot be used as part of your residency.

The Hidden Gardens can be used to take breaks, walking and short meetings but you must follow the guidance in place and be mindful that you are using the garden as a member of the public.


The Work Room studio is not available on Monday as it will be deep cleaned on this day in between residencies. Cleaning materials will be available in the studio, including anti-bac wipes, hand gel and spray. During your residency please clean any equipment after use and touch points frequently, particularly when they are being shared with other artists.

Test & Protect

Any artists collaborators or visitors to the studio will need to be booked in advance and details captured for Test and Protect.


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