Cove Park and The Work Room residency

By Anita Clark on 22.05.17

The Work Room and Cove Park are collaborating in 2017 to pilot an opportunity for a Work Room member to undertake a residency at Cove Park for themselves and collaborators from other disciplines. The residency is intended to bring a new dimension to a creative practice or practices.

Cove Park creates year-round residencies across art forms for national and international artists, collaborative groups and organisations. Cove Park supports the creation of new work and new ways of working, especially through collaboration across disciplinary borders, and research that takes artists into new professional or creative territory.   It is located on an outstanding 50-acre site overlooking Loch Long on Scotland's west coast (just 60 minutes from Glasgow by road or rail).

We are delighted that the first of The Work Room – Cove Park residencies have been awarded to collaborations lead by Ian Spink and Saffy Setohy. Ian and his collaborators will spend time at Cove Park in July and Saffy will be there in October. These residencies are intended to bring a new dimension to a creative practice or practices and the artists will benefit from the collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches nurtured through Cove Park.

Applications were considered by a panel involving Vanessa Payton (interim Assistant Director at Cove Park) and The Work Room members Luke Pell and Janice Parker who have both previously spent time at Cove Park.

Our hope it to build on this partnership with further residencies in 2018.

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