BEYOND: Opening for Proposals Soon

By Laura Fisher on 16.11.21

In 2022, The Work Room (TWR) will be opening a call out for members to submit proposals to a second round of the BEYOND fund, for projects starting March 2022 onwards.

Riffing off the idea of circular giving, BEYOND was created to direct money from annual membership fees, back to artist members in the form of seed funding for member led projects.

Funds raised through annual membership fees and individual giving are accrued and ringfenced in the TWR’s budget. Members are then invited to submit proposals to utilise these funds for their projects.

Through BEYOND, we hope to support projects and practices that take dance beyond the context of the studio to connect more people to dance, while also fostering collaboration and artistic community within TWR membership.

Proposals will be invited from groups of two or more members wishing to work together on projects. In the previous round of BEYOND a total of £5000 supported 6 members through 3 member led projects. You can read more about the projects here.

In this upcoming round, there is a total of £6000 to allocate as seed funding to kick-start projects.

Responding to feedback gathered through What Next? conversations, and a desire from members to minimise time spent on application processes, TWR will be using the next round of BEYOND to trial a new process for allocating funds, with the hope that this can be an antidote to the usual funding processes.

The application window for proposals will open in early 2022 and close in February 2022.

Have an idea but want to connect with other members to make a proposal? Keep an eye out on our website for upcoming “Lonely Arts Club” message board for making new connections.


Image from The Morrich Project (Julia McGhee & Penny Chivas) supported by Beyond in 2019

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