BEYOND: Call for Members Working Group

By Laura Fisher on 06.01.22

The Work Room (TWR) are currently evaluating the BEYOND fund, ahead of making changes to the next round of funding. We are looking for a small group of around three other artist members who are interested in coming together with TWR member and freelance producer Laura Fisher, to collectively put together a proposal for a new method of application/decision making for TWR to trial.

For those unfamiliar with BEYOND, the fund was created as a way to direct money from annual membership fees, back to artist members in the form of seed funding for member led projects.

BEYOND invited joint proposals from two or more members working together, and supports projects and practices that take dance beyond the context of the studio to connect more people to dance, while also fostering collaboration and artistic community within TWR membership.

Responding to feedback gathered through What Next? conversations, an ongoing effort to make TWR’s programme more accessible and inclusive, and a desire from members to minimise time spent on application processes; TWR will be using the next round of BEYOND to trial a new process for allocating funds, with the hope that this can be an antidote to the usual funding processes.

Following a period of research and evaluation, Laura has drafted up a number of possible models for allocating funds.  We are now looking to work with a small group of other artist members, to talk through the different options and collectively decide on some approaches for TWR to adopt and try out in the next round of funding.

Those involved would be required to read though a proposal document and attend a 2hr Zoom meeting to discuss ideas and recommendations. There would be a small fee of £75 for your time and the meeting will take place in January 2022.

This will be an experiment and a valuable opportunity to try out something new. We hope to apply the learning from this process across TWR programme more widely.

As an artist led membership organisation, it is so important to how TWR operates that its members are involved in all areas of decision making. So, if this sounds like an area of The Work Room you would like to get involved in, please drop Laura Fisher an email on

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