I am a movement, voice artist and an improviser.

My practice involves the collaboration of movement, sound, text, live music and storytelling through improvisation. As mover,  researcher and teacher, I am particularly interested in the relationship between physicality and voice in performance with a particular interest in choreography in relation to poetry.

I create solo work which touches on themes of migration, humanness and warfare and collaborate with theatre companies and institutions across Europe. I am an associate artist with DUENDE, Sura Medura and SBC Theatre and a founding member of NoVan Theatre Group.

Some of my collaborators over the last six years are: WHYTE, Monika Smekot, Sura Medura, Third Angel, SBC Theatre, Alexis Teplin, NoVan Theatre group.

In March 2018, with Penny Chivas, Nicolette MacLeod and Eilon Morris, I co-founded "ICEBERG", an improvisation group employing dance, music and theatre, committed to highlighting improvisation as an exciting, dynamic and high skilled form.


In May 2018, I will collaborate with Third Angel for their durational, map-making performance "THE JOURNEYS", which will travel at Brighton Fringe. My work with Third Angel will involve performing and creating a sound design for this 7 hour performance.

In September - October 2018, I will be touring with SBC Theatre their upcoming piece about displacement and borders.