I am a movement, voice artist and an improviser.

My practice involves the collaboration of movement, sound, text, live music and storytelling through improvisation. As mover,  researcher and teacher, I am particularly interested in the relationship between physicality and voice in performance with a particular interest in choreography in relation to poetry.

I create solo work which touches on themes of migration, humanness and warfare and collaborate with theatre companies and institutions across Europe. I am an associate artist with DUENDE, Sura Medura and SBC Theatre and a founding member of NoVan Theatre Group.

Some of my collaborators over the last six years are: WHYTE, Monika Smekot, Sura Medura, Third Angel, SBC Theatre, Alexis Teplin, NoVan Theatre group.

In March 2018, with Penny Chivas, Nicolette MacLeod and Eilon Morris, I co-founded "ICEBERG", an improvisation group employing dance, music and theatre, committed to highlighting improvisation as an exciting, dynamic and high skilled form.


In September - October 2018, I will be touring "Where We Began", a piece examining where we could end up.

In collaboration with SBC Theatre, supported by Arts Council England and commissioned by Camden People's Theatre and Theatre in the Mill.
Please find more information about the piece here: http://www.sbctheatre.co.uk/shows1/index