Zoe is a dance and voice artist, and an actor.

Her work involves movement, sound, text, live music and storytelling, and improvisation is at the heart of her practice. As a mover, researcher and teacher, Zoe is interested in the relationship between physicality and voice in performance with a particular interest in choreography in relation to poetry. She approaches movement as another form of language, and is interested in the multiple layers created by the synergy of these elements.

Since relocating to the UK in 2015, Zoe has worked with theatre companies including SBC Theatre and Third Angel. She is an associate with DUENDE, SBC Theatre and Sura Medura and a co-founding member of ICEBERG, a group of international improvisers investigating interdisciplinarity within improvisation.

In April 2019, Zoe worked as a movement director for Govanhill Theatre's first phase of development of 'The Little Acrobat', a physical theatre piece inspired by Raymond Gureme's autobiography.

Zoe makes performances as a way to reflect on current socio-politics and aims to spark discussions between her work and the audience around themes of identity, community, home and equality.