Zoe is an interdisciplinary performer and dance-theatre maker with background on contemporary dance, physical theatre, street theatre, music, voice coaching and improvisation.

Her work is involves choreography (improvised and set), sound and live music (song and sound design), text and storytelling. As a mover, researcher and teacher, Zoe is interested in the entanglement of choreography and text within contemporary practices, with a particular focus on the poetic elements that this connection facilitated.

Zoe is an associate with DUENDE and Sura Medura, a regular collaborator of SBC Theatre and Vonnegut Collective, and a co-founding member of ICEBERG, a group of international improvisers investigating interdisciplinarity within improvisation. As founding and active member of ICEBERG, Zoe has received Creative Scotland funding to organise and run Weekends of Improvisation in Glasgow (WIG), a space for research on relationships between music and dance improvisation.

Zoe began making her own work in 2016, with her first piece, A Day in A Year-and-a-half, being a duet with actor-musician Eilon Morris, concerned with isolation and the yearning for companionship. Her second piece, Separated in Birth, has been in research and development since 2019 and will be brought into production within 2020-2021. Zoe's performances reflect her observations of everyday's socio-politics and aims to facilitate discussions around themes of identity, community, home and equality.