Zinzi Buchanan

I’m a non-binary artist working with dance, performance, facilitation and writing/poetry. In 2019 I completed an MA in Visual Cultures at Goldsmith’s University and have since focused on experiences of chronic pain/sickness and queer survival in my art-making, including a written piece called Loving On The Edge (2019), a friendship-based theatre performance called Rogue Intensities (2020) and a year long project called Sick Bed Series (2021). I have come a long way since graduating from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2008; learning to trust in improvisational ways of being through Ponderosa Dance Festival where I have been learning and facilitating for many years (mysterious communications, get serious about dancing/get gooey). I spent a decade in Berlin where early days I often performed in cabarets and clubs (Candy, Steve & Sam) some of these drag-shows I adapted for theatre (STEVE, MAN POWER MIX). Parenting was a big topic for me, bringing up questions about life from a queer perspective (HOT MUM, Do you want to have children?) The last Berlin years brought me to my knees with pain and I have turned my attention to facilitation as a way to make space for living our best lives (Revenge Is Sweet Dream, DIVINE GRIEF, CRAFTY DEATH). I became a death doula this year and am particularly interested in performance and facilitation based on lived experience. I will begin 2022 with queer companionship helping me move through THE PITS - ancestral stories buried in coal mines and the pits/depressions in our bodies. Themes that are strong through my work/practise are: death, love, sickness and divination.