Women Dancing (Geraldine Heaney and Lou Brodie)

Women Dancing are Lou Brodie and Geraldine Heaney.
Lou and Geraldine love dancing.
Lou and Geraldine are dancers.
Lou and Geraldine don't look like what some people assume dancers look like.
Lou and Geraldine dance regardless and hope other people will too.

Women Dancing projects currently focus on producing short films in a pop up workshop environment. Our films are shot on location and have had only ourselves as the dancers, with some accidental audience participation from those who happen to walk through our shots or we work with groups of people who join us as dancers in the film. Working with groups offers Women Dancing the opportunity to explore being part of a temporary dance troupe, brought together for the specific purpose of creating a music video style short film that celebrates dancing together.
We have recently begun exploring other forms that Women Dancing might take and are excited to see what the future holds.